Sidewalk Heritage conference

Today (25.11.2011), I've made a presentation at a conference organised by Netherlands Institute in Turkey. The theme of the conference was "Sidewalk Heritage" (the conference was in English). The title of my presentation was  "The  evolution  of  the gentrification  process  in Istanbul". The presentation analyzes the transformation of gentrification process in Istanbul through 30 years. The programme of the conference is below.

[Bugün, 25 Kasım 2011 Cuma,  Netherlands Institute in Turkey (Hollanda Araştırma Enstitüsü) tarafından düzenlenen  temalı sempozyumda bir sunuş yaptım... Sempozyum dili İngilizceydi. Sunuş başlığı. Soylulaşmanın İstanbul'da son 30 yıl içerisinde geçirdiği dönüşümü konu alıyor... Sempozyum programı aşağıda]

Sidewalk Heritage     
The biography of streets:  
historical, architectural, social and heritage perspectives 

A symposium organized by the Netherlands Institute in Turkey, Istanbul - November 24-25, 2011

Preliminary Program
This  international  symposium  aims  to  address  urban
environments,  and  streets  specifically,  from  the  perspective  of
various  disciplines,  such  as  architecture,  architectural  history,
history, archaeology, heritage studies, oral history, urban studies,
and other social sciences. The debate will be focused on theoretical
aspects as well as case studies of certain streets or neighbourhoods,
their histories and current developments in them.

Day 1, November 24
10.00-10.15  Introduction

Session 1  Theories and methodologies 
In this session the different natures and roles of streets, as well as differet 
research methods that can be applied to the study of streets will be discussed 

10.15-10.50  Between strategies and tactics: The micro history of
the  city,  Hüsnü  Yeğenoğlu,  Technical  University
10.50-11.25  Need  for  streets,  Pieter  Uyttenhove,  Ghent

11.25-11.45  Coffee break 

Session 2  Histories and biographies of streets 
Streets are not given realities but worlds of ideas, memories, identities, social 
unity and diversity. The biographies of streets can tell us a lot about their 
nature, inhabitants, coninuities and changes over time. 

11.45-12.20  Streets  of    “Istanbul”  at  the  beginning  of  the  20th
century: exploring the spatial transformation of the
Central  Business  District,  Eda  Ünlü  Yücesoy,
İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi.
12.20-12.55  Hans Renes, University of Utrecht.

12.55-14.30  Lunch break 
14.30-15.05  The  memory  of  a  street.  Eight  hundred  years  of
living in the Visserstraat in Breda, Wim Hupperetz,
Allard Pierson Museum and UvA.
15.05-15.40  Whose  neighbourhood  is  Tarlabaşı?:  the  change  in
the use/appropriation of space through the process
of urban renewal, Bahar  Sakızlıoğlu, University of

15.40-16.10  Coffee break 
16.10-16.45  A way through diversity. Images and stages in the
development  of  the  Grand  Rue  de  Pera  (İstiklal
Caddesi), Paolo Girardelli, Boğaziçi University.
16.45-17.15  General discussion
17.15    Drinks

Day 2, November 25 

Session 3  Transformations:  conflicts,  compromises  and 
Architectural changes and social transformations in a street/neighbourhood
become visible through historical narratives and material presence. How do
changes  made  by  architects,  politics,  inhabitants,  the  emergence  of  new
social groups effect the biography of a street?

14.00-14.35  Nuran  Zeren  Gülersoy,  Istanbul  Technical
14.35-15.10  The  evolution  of  the  gentrification  process  in
Istanbul,  Tolga İslam, Yıldız Technical University
15.10-15.45  The  gentrification  of  the  city  and  the  loss  of  its
public nature, Asu Aksoy, İstanbul Bilgi University.

5.45-16.10  Tea break 
16.10-16.45  From Istanbul with love: a virtual stroll through the
invasion of commodity aesthetics in the city, Banu
Pekol, İstanbul Technical University.
16.45-17.20  Filtering İstanbul: an essay on stuffed mussels and
urban ruptures, Can Altay
17.20-17.55  Created  heritage:  search  for  a  (re)new(ed)  identity,
Elke  Ennen,  NHTV  Breda  University  of  Applied
Sciences  and  heritage  specialist  at  ‘The  Missing
17.55-18.30  General discussion and concluding remarks

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